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Embracing the Digital World through Technological Literacy

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

Covid-19 has led to a new normal by disrupting the usual ways of doing things. Who would have thought it possible and so soon? 

Technological literacy is now the in-thing, and it has been widely adopted from all corners of the globe. The pandemic nearly grounded everything to a halt. However, due to technological advancement people have been able to move on with their lives.

Making Use Of Technological Literacy Today Technological literacy has helped revolutionized our ways of doing things today. It is no longer a luxury but a necessity. One of the main drivers for its adoption is that the platforms are very easy to use.

Better Decision Making

It has enabled us to make informed decisions in terms of choices as consumers. By browsing through various digital platforms, we have a wide range of products to choose from.

Increased Awareness

Technological literacy has led to an increase in active participation of people on issues affecting their lives more than before. Taking responsibility for their lives has led to their voices being heard especially on matters health, education, and food security through public opinions and forums.

Remote Connectivity and Communication

The best thing about technological literacy is that it has enabled people to interact with each other remotely through various digital platforms like WhatsApp or Skype. Communication through such modern ways is also instant.

Improved Business Activities

In this day and age, business activities have been enhanced. Through various cost-effective digital platforms, such as automation, they have been able to interact with the outside world, and as a result, bringing down their operating costs to manageable levels, at the same time, maximizing on their profits and expanding their market niche.

Online Business Applications

Since technological literacy has given way to concepts such as automation, which has, in turn, led to the development of online business applications such as,AdRoll, Bizible, for bringing more traffic to their web pages through search engines, advertising purposes, and filtering junk messages.

Enhanced student Creativity

Through technological literacy and with the help of teachers, most students have increased their creativity and production levels, which apart from being technological, is also student-driven, and have led to the development of various applications like kidblog, to make their work easier, thereby, increasing their motivational levels in the long run.

Skilled Human Resource

It is without a doubt that technological literacy has led to a skilled human resource, mainly because the job market is increasingly becoming competitive. Therefore, only those who have the requisite set of skills will survive. It does not stop there.

Apart from being competent, they must also be able to demonstrate a wide range of digital skills necessary for their survival in this very competitive environment. Organizations that promote higher levels of technological literacy have been known to have better performance than their non-compliant counterparts. This is their work environment becomes competitive, productive, and with a technologically driven mentality going into the future.

Blogging Platforms

In this digital age, technological literacy has led to the proliferation of blogging platforms. Since many people have acquired various digital skills, they can now educate others on various topical issues affecting them, and how to get solutions for such matters.

Computer Science

Thanks to technological literacy. STEM courses have been initiated by many colleges. Such initiatives have led to the development of more digital platforms since students have been equipped with the requisite skills. These skills have also enabled students to think critically by becoming problem solvers in whatever they do.  This is because there is a great need for students to have the necessary digital skills to help them engage fully with various modules in this field.

The Four Pillars of Technological Literacy

It requires great amounts of sacrifice, resources, and time for anyone to get to this level. However, technological literacy does not always need an in-depth mastery of every computer skill that comes with it. The key to unlocking one’s potential solely lies in creating awareness, embracing it, and the capacity to various digital skills.

How to Make use of the Digital Workspace

Today, almost every workplace has gone digital in their day to day activities. To maximize skills, it is prudent for the leadership of these organizations to assign relevant duties according to each employee’s skill set. This ensures that nobody is left behind in the day to day affairs of the organization.

Different Processes and Applications

Technological literacy has made identification, evaluation, absorption, and application of information by those in various leadership positions in organizations very easy. This is the long-run has led to technologically savvy work environments. That is why Information Technology is vital in providing employees with the necessary skills in the workplace. It has also made it very easy for them to search and utilize information. Tech-savvy employees can identify various patterns, analyze and apply them in their work.  

Creating and Connecting

Activities such as searching and trying to pinpoint where certain information is being held at the workplace are vital, being creative with such information is equally important. It is without a doubt that a digital environment leads to a productive and versatile workforce. Thanks to technological literacy. And for any organization to realize its mandate, then they should inspire their employees to collaborate through a technologically driven set of skills.

Technological literacy normally lays much emphasis on the following:

It increases employees’ skills across a wide range of digital platform

Enhances better communication channels in the organization

The various digital work stations give room for adequate sharing of information and knowledge, hence, enabling the employees to achieve their goals much faster

Thinking Capacity and Adaptability

With numerous technological disruptions being witnessed today, many people are unable to keep up the pace. However, with technological literacy, they won’t have to worry anymore about these constant disruptions as they will align themselves strategically to them. Such knowledge also enables them to create their learning strategies as they move along.

Benefits of Technological Literacy

Even though the cost of enrolling for training may seem prohibitive at first, those who think in the long term stand the chance to benefit immensely from the skills that will be gained through such training. One of the benefits of such literacy is employee satisfaction at their work stations, due to increased confidence as well. This is because they move in tandem with one another and nobody is left behind. There is also improved productivity at the workplace or any other field, as a result of better digital resources and skills.

Reduced Social Isolation

In some regions, older people who have gone through this process have reported an increase in interaction amongst each other, through various social media platforms. Their mindset and world views have also been opened up.

Improved Healthcare Systems

It has led to the improvement of healthcare systems in many parts of the world. Many governments and organizations have been able to adopt various digital systems thus, improving service delivery. This has, in turn, enabled the services to be accessed round the clock.

Financial Activities

Thanks to technological literacy, financial transactions have been made easy. Thanks to advancements such as blockchain technology. It has brought about faster and more secure transactions for businesses and organizations.

The downside of Technological literacy

Although it has benefits, digital literacy also comes with its disadvantages that everyone must be aware of. They include.

Security of Data

Today, due to technological advancements, many data are prone to security breaches, through hacking or accidental sharing of very sensitive information or data mining by unauthorized entities.

Overworked Cybersecurity Staff Member

Most Cybersecurity areas are very diverse, which more often than not leads to fatigue. This, in turn, might lead to lethargy and complacency concerning data security.

Theft of Data

Some dishonest employees might decide to share their company’s data with unscrupulous outsiders. Such actions normally put that particular company’s sensitive data at risk of being breached and misused.

Malware Attacks

Most companies or individuals today are at great risks of being attacked by viruses, which has led to the loss of very important data. Besides, it might be very difficult to recover lost data, and the cost of reinforcing your security might also be prohibitive.

Careless Password Tendencies

Passwords are meant to be kept secret. However, most people are careless with their passwords. This makes it easy for other third parties to gain unauthorized access.

Bribery Claims 

In some occasions, dissatisfied employees in an organization might decide to give out important information to outsiders, which might lead to very serious data concerns.

Unlimited Access to Data

Some people have too much access to data, especially those belonging to organizations. It is like entering into a goldmine.  

Over-dependence on technological Tools

The downside of technological literacy today is that it has made us over-reliant on technology, and we cannot do without it. Overdependence has also led to a decline in creative thinking, since most information can be found with relative ease on various platforms with just a click of a button.

Unwanted Products

Technological literacy has led to the proliferation of unwanted innovations. Such products can be detrimental to the wellbeing of others. Such products in this category include hacking systems, weapons of mass destruction, among other negative elements.

What Are the Hallmarks of Technological Literacy?

The main aim of this concept is to provide us with various technological tools to aid us navigate different landscapes in this life. Hence, the kind of tools always varies from one user to the next. That is why this kind of literacy often embodies three distinct models. These are knowledge acquired, our knowledge and thinking capacity, and the extent to which we can accomplish all these.

That is why tech savvy people should be able to see technology in its clearest and simplest forms, understanding the often very thin line between technology and science. And that technology has become a permanent feature in our lives today. From the simplest to the most complex things, technology affects most of our lives.

They should also be able to fully understand the simplest and basic technological terms that they often come across on a daily basis.  By being tech savvy, they are also able to fully comprehend that nothing is perfect and have their flaws as well. No matter how perfect it may seem. Technology also has tremendous influence on the happenings in our societies since time immemorial. That is why different periods in history unique technological advancements. The most notable ones include: Stone, Iron, and Bronze, Industrial, and Information Ages.

However, very many technological advances have been made in recent times like robots, electric trains, and smart phones, among other digital platforms. Thanks to technological literacy. The world has also become very small as a result. Today, societal changes go hand in hand with technology. Whether it is in various fields such as science, business, sports, or education, the innovation made along such lines have the power to shape our destiny, in more ways than we could imagine possible.

Those who are tech savvy must also understand that technology has its own risks, even though it has made our lives easier. Some of these risks are to determine like disease outbreaks, while others such as hacking are not.

 A person who is technologically literate does not have to possess a wide range of technical knowledge. This has been brought about by the capacity to accurately identify different technological landscape in a broader sense as opposed to working with small portions. That is why familiarization even in the smallest bit is just enough, however, as a starting point for advancing your knowledge.

In a broader sense, a person who does not have enough knowledge about technology cannot be considered to be tech savvy. As compared to someone who is more knowledgeable in this area. Therefore, in conclusion, Technological literacy is here to stay and must be embraced by anyone. Technology has revolutionized the way we do things and it continues to advance with each passing day.  

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